Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well Hello There

So … apparently Maria and I have discovered that we are not destined to be professional bloggers.  Our last post was all the way back in July just as football season was fast approaching.  To catch everyone up on recent events, and some not so recent, I plan on creating several posts hitting different topics from the past months.  
To get started I’ll mention our last visit to UVA.

Back on January 25th we took Lorelei to the Kluge Center down at UVA for her meeting with Dr. Anderson.  Lorelei took a few moments to get warmed up but then performed excellent.  Our fear was that she was doing these wonderful things at home like climbing on EVERYTHING and communicating through signing but would be too shy and not show this to the doctor.  There was no disappointment on this day.  She did very well as the doctor would pull animals out of the barn and Lorelei would sign many of them.  Ofcourse she would go with “dog” on anything she wasn’t sure of but would soon hit the correct sing if she heard the word.  After about an hour with Dr. Anderson she told us that Lorelei was doing wonderful and to begin working on coordinating different ideas such as what animals say. 
Lorelei’s eyesight is also the next big step.  We are hoping to get her vision checked soon so to be sure she isn’t having troubles.  Nothing has really seemed apparent but we are just trying to be proactive. 

Let me add in the finish that Lorelei’s ability to do the things she can has been nothing but amazing to us.  She works so hard and wouldn’t be where she is without the great example set by Mikaela, the hard work and love of Maria, and the dedication and caring that Bethany has shown our two angels.  I can’t thank all of you enough.

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