Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Late Night E.R.

Last night we had our first trip to the emergency room as parents.  It began yesterday with our girls going to the pediatrician for their last serious of shots.  They also received the flu shot.  The doctor was very impressed that Lorelei was meeting all of her milestones so far.  She has been rolling over for months now, both girls have been trying to crawl lately, but Mikaela has found a little more success than her sister.  Both girls also have their front 2 bottom teeth coming in.  So it has been exciting to say the least.

The girls went to bed fine but Lorelei woke up with a temp. of 103 and we immediately took her to the hospital. When we arrived she was at 104.  They gave her tylenol and by the time we saw the doctor 3 HOURS LATER she was back to normal.  It was weird seeing both girls wide awake and trying to play and crawl at 1 am.  We finally got out of there at 2 am and things have been fine.

We know every parent goes through the trips to the ER but ofcourse our case felt different.  This was our girls.  The past few months have been amazing and trying at the same time.  The girls have made leaps and bounds in their abilities to sit, stand, crawl ... and Maria has been there for it all.  If there was ever a down side to being a dedicated coach, it's that you miss so many things with your children.  My wife has done an amazing job.