Friday, February 15, 2013

Game for Respect

     The awareness week in October was finished off with a football game.   Here we took donations for a local organization which helps to provide job opportunities for people with intellectual or physical challenges.  We wanted the money to go somewhere local and make an immediate impact in our community.     
     I was able to get the game mentioned in the newspaper, it was in the community calendar,  it was even mentioned on the local high school football show.  The game we picked ended up being for a district championship as well.  This made us all excited about the huge crowd that would show up.    
     There were a few volunteers that sold t’shirts, had people sign the banner, and took donations.  My parents were even among this group.  Unfortunately we fell short of my donation goal.  I was hoping for over $1,000 but only raised about $400.           The reason was mainly on my shoulders. I was not aware of the toll that this event would take on me.  Trying to plan everything out on my own was not the best thing for my stress levels.  For those of you that know me, you know how high strung I am at all times.  You should be able to imagine how this event was.  I should have asked for more help from the beginning.  In my drive to make a difference I forgot that things are much easier when you ask for help.  I was actually coaching during the game so no matter what I planned beforehand I was useless during the event.  I guess I was under the idea that things would just magically work out.  I felt that everyone would feel strongly about our cause and come running to donate.  I’m not sure if it wasn’t placed properly around the field, if we didn’t give enough information, or just poor planning all around.    
   Let’s just say that next year Maria and other teachers will be in charge of a lot more. 

     As mentioned in the post a few days ago, we had a lot going on this past fall.  I had football season going on, organizing and running the R-Word campaign, organizing and running the Game for Respect, a few public speaking events, and organizing our first Project Unify season.  During all this I was leaving Maria to almost act as a single parent.  Any football coach, wife to a coach, or family member of a coach knows the time that goes into the season.  While at school I would plan these events (during my planning period only) then go to practice.  I usually made it home in time to read the girls a bedtime story.  My “early” Thursdays were nice because I also got to help with baths.  Maria is an amazing woman for all that she puts up with and does every day.  But I notice it and realize how lucky I am a little bit more during football season.  

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