Sunday, January 29, 2012

Changing Lives

So, my in-laws were in town this weekend, so Brandon and I took advantage and went out on a double date last night with some very good friends of ours.  We got on the discussion of having children with special needs sometime during the night, because everyone loves to talk about their kids as much as possible. :)

Our friends were telling us that they always used to worry about having a child with special needs, because who doesn't.  We all know, that we are all uncomfortable with children with special needs at first and we always think "I wonder how the parents deal."  The conversation went on to giving Brandon and I so much credit.  They said that after meeting us and spending so much time with us and our family, that they don't worry about that anymore.  They now understand that no matter what, every child is a blessing, and they don't even think twice about it.

I know that we are friends, and they are "supposed" to say things like that, but it made me smile from ear to ear and it made me feel like we are making some kind of difference in the world.  We hope that we can continue to make a difference in other people's lives as we raise our children and show them off to the world. :)

Both girls are doing great.  We had 2 sets of grandparents here yesterday, so it was a full house and the girls got ALL kinds of attention. :) We have gotten Mikaela to take a few steps on her OWN when she is the mood! I am thinking she will be walking in the next month or so.

Lorelei has the army crawl down pat!  She has now taken to getting on her hands and her feet!  Kind of like the Downward Dog position in yoga.  We are not sure what she is trying to do, but I sent a picture of it to our PT and she said that it just shows how much stronger she is getting. :) We have noticed that Lorelei will do things when she is ready, so we know the crawling will come....when she's ready! :)

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  1. We would like to mention how much has helped us in our lives! We have connected with many families that have children with Down Syndrome, including a few families that have twins like we do. :) It's always great to know your not alone in the world! :)

    We even had a family from Ireland contact us. Vacation??? :) HEHE! They have the CUTEST boys!!