Friday, December 2, 2011

Long Lost Update

Wow! Things have been so busy lately!

Yes, football is over, but these girls don't let us stop for a second! When, they do go to bed, Brandon and I are both too exhausted to do anything productive. :p

Lorelei had her first appointment at the Down's Clinic at UVA in November.  They evaluated her and just checked to see where she is right now.  She was 8 months old at the time and Dr. Anderson said she was at the 7 month level.  Her exact words were "She looks great!"  We could not be happier or more excited.  We and Bethany are working so hard to be sure she gets what she needs so she can be right along with her sister!  Lorelei is sitting up now! :) She cannot get into the position on her own, but if you sit her on the floor she will sit and play! :) We are working on the crawling now!  She can get on her knees.  She can pull herself up on her hands, but she hasn't figured out to put both together yet, but I know we will get there soon enough.  She babbles away all day long! It's so funny.  We will babble to her and she will have a conversation with us.  As my mom said, she is probably frustrated and thinking that we have no clue what she is trying to tell us! :)

Mikaela is all over the place!  She gets into EVERYTHING! :) She is crawling everyone.  She is pulling herself up to stand and she has even taken steps along the couch already!  The child is crazy!  She is going to keep me on my toes and butt heads with Brandon all the time!  She has three teeth coming in right now so she has some uncomfortable days.  Other than that, she is Mikaela! :) Nothing else going on with her.

We all had a great First Thanksgiving as a family of four! The girls even had a lunch of sweet potatoes, turkey and mixed vegetables! :) 

 Until next time! :) 

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