Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing Girls

There isn't much going on in our neck of the woods the past week or so.  Brandon and I both start our prospective sport seasons on Monday, so we will be leaving the girls for the first time with non family members!  We have been lucky enough to find a WONDERFUL nanny that was recommended to us from a very trusting neighbor!  We are excited for her to start working with us and hopefully become a very big component of our family. :)  I am thankful that I start cheer before work, so I won't be gone all day right away.  I can ease into it slowly! :)

Lorelei is doing wonderful.  She is rolling over all the time on her own!  We are now focusing on working her trunk to strengthen her upper body to sit up.  She is holding her head up so well now that we can put her in the bumbo seat and help her to hold her trunk up straight!  She is smiling all the time now, but is still stingy with her laughs. It's special when she does laugh though! :) The developmental specialist that sees her twice a month says she looks great and is on the right track.  She is meeting her milestones as of now and we love watching her grow! :) At her 4 month well appointment this past Tuesday, Lorelei was 12 lbs 14 oz and 25 inches long. She has her first appointment at the Down's Clinic at UVA in November.

Mikaela is also doing wonderful, although she has been more of a drama queen this week. Brandon and I do not want to constantly hold or have the girls held because we want them to be able to self soothe and put themselves to sleep. Lately, Mikaela has been throwing a fit whenever we leave her in the swing or the playmat during the day. It's ridiculous! Mikaela is finally rolling over on her own, Lorelei was rolling over first. It's funny, because sometimes she will roll onto her stomach but isn't sure how to go back and she get so mad! Mikaela is talking up a storm, when she isn't wining! At her 4 month well appoinment this past Tuesday, Mikaela was 13 lb 11 oz and 26 inches long.


  1. Mikaela, no one likes a fuss bucket! Stop that whining :)

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. Mikaela you need to behave.